Entering Mary’s studio this morning was like entering another world.  It was dark, which was unexpected.  There were small lights scattered throughout the whole room.  With senses heightened and eyes adjusting it was apparent that the lights were coming from multiple boxes.  Noises started emerging from the boxes as Mary clicked a remote.  Each little box started whirring, chirping, whistling, playing music or making various other noises.  It felt like we were in the presence of dozens of little characters.  These “light stacks,” as Mary refers to them, act as philosophical representations of the way the mind works.  Each light box has found objects stacked on the top, creating an audio-visual-sculptural narrative.  In conjunction with one another the noises of the light stacks become indistinct background chatter and the seemingly random stacked objects begin to converse with one another.

Mary turned on some lights and revealed another body of work she broadly refers to as  Lucia and Hugo, two fictitious characters Mary created and worked with for over a decade.   Using multiple mediums including: video, printing, light, photography  text and paint (sometimes a combination of several), Mary uses these figures to explore aspects of gender identity, states of consciousness, time and medium.

It was a pleasure visiting with Mary, whose work, no matter what form it takes, is consistently curious, inquiring about the mind’s processes, human nature and the role of art in the grand scheme of things.

-pauli ochi

all photos © OCHI GALLERY