Ochi Gallery is pleased to invite you to Seven Waves, a seven-part evening with performances by Heather Hansen and Diogo de Lima, and food and drinks by Sarah Lipton. Seven Waves takes place on December 31st, 2016 at Ochi Gallery, beginning at 7pm.

Over the past several years, Hansen has developed a technique to teach kinetic drawing by guiding partners or groups through a series of mirroring exercises resulting in spontaneous and symmetrical collective drawings. These ideas have brought her to this current collaboration with de Lima, which explores how two bodies leverage and expand the range of motion, and how dance can be further incorporated into the art making process.

Seven Waves is based on a tradition that takes place in de Lima’s hometown in Brazil on New Year’s. Everyone wears a new, white outfit and walks to the ocean where they jump through seven consecutivewaves, each time considering the past and the future, emerging after the seventh wave ready to embrace the new year. Honoring this ritual, Hansen and de Lima have designed an immersive evening that will unfold over a series of performances that embrace tradition, past and future. The evening’s menu offers several courses that evolve along with Hansen and de Lima’s timeline.


Heather Hansen is a performative and visual artist known for her kinetic drawing series. She has performed and exhibited in major cities throughout Asia, Europe and the U.S. Her work been featured repeatedly by Juxtapoz, Collosal, Fubiz, and Hi-Fructose among others. Originally from rural Idaho, Hansen graduated from TESC in dance and theater design.  She then moved to Tokyo to study with dancer Kazuo Ohno, where her aesthetic and philosophy was greatly influenced by the butoh and Gutai art movements; especially in relation to minimalism, the body as a tool, and process holding the same value as product. Later her style was further defined in Florence, and Paris where she studied classical fresco painting and contemporary dance.

Diogo de Lima is originally from Brazil and became a New Orleans based dancer/choreographer/filmmaker. He is the artistic director of MindField Productions with headquarters in New York, and São Paulo (Brazil) and has produced and directed short and feature-length films, documentaries,TV segments and Dance Films. As a dancer he worked with Grupo Corpo, José Limón Dance Company, New Orleans Ballet Theatre, First Physical Theatre, Compañia Nacional De Danza, among others. He has received many awards for his dancing and choreography, both in Brazil and internationally. As an actor he worked with Directors such as James Franco “Dionysus”, Carlos Saldanha “Rio I Love You”, Claudia Ribeiro “Meninos Da Zona Sul”, Liu Ding “Crossroads Days and Nights.

Sarah Lipton studied at The French Pastry School.  She’s worked as a pastry chef at The Little Nell and The St Regis in Aspen.  Currently she is opening a retail bakery, flower and gift shop in Ketchum called Hank & Sylvie’s.


*photos by Spencer Hansen and Ochi Gallery